Soul Nurturing 101-Scenting Your Environment

The issue of soul nurturing 101 has to deal with scenting your environment.  By utilizing the sense of smell , essential oils can shift emotions and moods.  In this way and many others essential oils are powerful agents that can contribute to a happy and balanced life.

Have you ever had a craving for fresh baked cookies?  Don't you just love the smell when they are cooking at warm and comforting!  Bergamot and cinnamon leaf essential oils can create an aroma that's reminiscent of fresh baked cookies that you can whip out any time any where with this calming air freshener.  Supplies for this recipe are easy to find in your local Sprouts store!



1 1/2 ounces deionized water

1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract

25 drops bergamot essential oil

7 drops cinnamon leaf essential oil

6 drops cardamom essential oil

2 ounce amber glass mist bottle  


1. Add vanilla extract and essential oils into mist bottle, then add water

2. Replace cap and shake well

3. To use, shake bottle and mist airspace

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