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The Holistic Path to Balance

Are you ready for someone to really listen to your symptoms because you are tired of being told that how you feel is just “natural for your age” or that it’s just “stress”? Whether it’s mood, anxiety, menopause, PCOS or another hormonal imbalance our methods are tailored to your specific blueprint. Each method is unique because each person is unique.


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Holistically Balanced

The Holistic Method is a individualized and intensive health coaching and educational program that is geared at finding the root cause of your symptoms and wellness restoration. Clients are able to be serviced both in person in our offices in Houston, TX or virtually via video conference all over the world.


The Holistic Method

The Holistic Method is truly built with the concept of the integrated medical model in mind. Dr. Kourtney believes that to truly achieve wellness and balance one has to look at both the old and the new. The Holistic Method is specific to the person as each client receives a personalized method program that is based on ancestral holistic traditions and plant medicine combined with modern integrative and functional analysis.


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Discovering Root Causes

The Holistic Method was developed to help women discover the true difference between being sick and being well. Many of our clients have spent countless hours with traditional medicine trying to get to the root cause of their issues only to feel the same or worse. For others clients they just want to engage in a comprehensive wellness program as a means of preventative care and to optimize their energy, their stamina and their life.


About Dr. Kourtney

I’m Dr. Kourtney and I believe that to fully experience optimal health and wellness that an integrative and holistic lifestyle is fundamental. I have worked with thousands of women for over a decade from across the globe helping them to get to the root cause of their health issues and empowering them with integrated plans to help them not only heal but thrive.


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