My Story


I grew up in Valdosta, GA and from a young age I knew I wanted to help people by becoming a doctor. I grew up with a TON of allergies as well as pretty severe eczema and for me the pediatric allergist office at times seemed like a second home! So I was super excited to pursue my dream of being a doctor immediately after high school by enrolling at my undergraduate alma mater at Xavier University of Louisiana. After graduating with my biology degree from Xavier I continued my education by obtaining my medical degree at Tulane University School of Medicine. While I was at Tulane my previous allergy history came back to haunt me in the form of chronic urticaria (hives) which I developed in my second year. I can distinctly remember being so frustrated to find myself with an affliction with no clear cause and even less truly definitive treatment. This was one of the first times as an adult that I had to accept that the very medicine that I was studying hard to learn did not have all the answers to health, especially when it came to chronic auto-immune conditions.

While I was at Tulane I absolutely fell in love with women’s health so after graduation I completed an ObGyn residency program at UT Houston Medical School-LBJ. My training program was super busy and I felt very well trained once I graduated however I did note that when it came to the gynecology side of things that really we had only 2 major tools in the toolbox: birth control ( or other drugs to either up-regulate or down-regulate hormones) and surgery. There really didn’t seem to be much talk or application of any other methods to balance hormones outside of drugs. So of course when I graduated and went right to work for a hospital I used what I had in my toolbox. I continued to use these same tools for the first several years in practice however once I had transitioned to private practice and had more control over the length of my visits with patients I found myself with more and more questions about if there were other possible tools to manage hormones that I knew nothing about. Tools that were not birth control or surgery! I always say birth control does a great job of covering up the problem by putting you on hormonal auto-pilot but doesn’t do anything the “heal” the problem. Although surgery is required at times I think it absolutely is over utilized in medicine. It’s like bringing a shotgun to every antpile with your lady bits being the antpile in this analogy! I know that sounds extreme but many people don’t realize how much that modern medicine is heavily weighted towards procedures. My absolute most favorite thing about being a doctor is really listening to and partnering with patients and it was through this listening skill that I kept hearing over and over the need for other options than medications and surgery. It also turns out these are great skills in managing things like hormones so I decided to pursue a national certification in menopause management with North American Menopause Society (NAMS).

After receiving my NAMS certification I was definitely more educated about hormonal management but my training for my certification only piqued my interested in other areas that have been shown to influence hormones like gut management, functional medicine, eastern medicine, plant medicine, Ayurveda and energy medicine. So I got busy and went to work going to classes and conferences to assimilate additional knowledge bases for my toolbox.

It wasn’t until after I had completed my plant based certification with Dr. T. Colin Campbell and was I was halfway through my herbal certification with Dr. Teionera Low-Dog and Ayurvedic training with the Institute of Marihasi Ayurveda that a lot of the pieces of the hormonal and wellness puzzle began to become clear to me. The more I learned the more I was able to see the deeper picture and connections between the organs and hormonal balance as well as true impact of lifestyle of day to day health. As I tell many of my clients unfortunately most of us just do not grow up with the knowledge that we need for true wellness. Most of us are raised to do good in school so we can go to work…..and work……and work some more!


Ironically at the same time that I was doing my additional studies I got diagnosed with another chronic auto immune disease—this time in my lungs! I realized in that moment how much of an advantage that I had in my own knowledge of holistic techniques of breathwork, meditation, energy medicine and plant based medicine to augment my treatment plan. It has been this combination of my own experiences in holistic care as well as the care that I been able to provide my patients based in my integrative training that lead me to drop 70 pounds, regulate my cycles, gain control of my eczema and become a daily meditator and yogi. These changes for my were so powerful that I became even more committed to design a program with everything that I have learned and so The Holistic Method program was born!

I truly feel that there is such a need for a more holistic approach to healthcare and who better to start with than women! Women are typically responsible not only for their own health but also for that of their families and future generations. This is why for me the most fundamental part of the Holistic Method program are the education modules that I developed to be used with each program in a unique schedule based on you! Both my parents are retired teachers so I suppose my apple did not fall far from the education tree! I’m not just invested in putting together a program and plan without the education to each person in the understanding of their bodies and not just the “root cause” reason behind their issue or imbalance but also the process that led to the root cause development.

I can’t wait to work with you!