When we forget our past we won’t remember our future and it will be as well as we won’t have one
— Flannery O'Connor

It’s time for women to return to the basics. It’s time for you to rediscover the power that is buried deep within yourself to recover, heal and balance. It is time for you to have a true partner guiding your journey back to wellness and health.

What is Holistic and Integrative Medicine?

What is holistic health? Holistic is defined as an approach to life and not a cure for disease. Holistic health is about considering you as a whole person and not just a disease while emphasizing the connections between your mind, body and spirit.

Instead of asking what prescription can be written to mask symptoms, Holistic & Integrative Medicine asks, “What are the constellation of therapies that can be applied to this problem” and “What non prescription (or natural) options can be used to solve this problem?”

Holistic and Integrative Medicine focuses more at looking at the person as a whole when approaching a problem as opposed to just looking at the symptom. Although prescription medicines can at times be life-saving most people who have a choice would prefer not to have to take a prescription medicine everyday. Holistic & Integrative Medicine is all about how can the individual be supported so that the body regains the function to heal itself instead of giving away the reins of health to a drug. This type of approach can greatly benefit conditions that involve hormonal imbalance such as PCOS, endometriosis, PMS, anxiety, depression, gut issues, and menopause just to name a few.

Holistic & Integrative Medicine uses methods that have been proven by time.

Most people don’t know that all physicians practicing medicine also used to have a degree or training in botany in addition to medicine so that they could properly apply herbal and natural remedies. With the advent of the rise of technology a lot of the lessons that we have learned as humans over time from traditional medicines and lifestyle management used in Ayurveda and herbal medicine has been lost to today’s generation of doctors. For example would you rather drink a tea during your cycles to regulate your flow or cramps versus having to take a birth control pill everyday or having surgery to correct the problem? Would you rather use acupuncture to address your depression or an antidepressant? Would you rather face anxiety every day or learn breathing and yoga techniques to help to regulate your nervous system? Holistic and Integrative Medicine aims to use all knowledge that we have about what affects the body and improves healing naturally to complement what may be used pharmaceutically in order to optimize your health.

These concepts characterize Holistic and Integrative Medicine:

  • The belief that your body is intelligent and has the ability to heal itself when proper nutrients are provided and impediments to healing are removed. By supporting the healing mechanisms of the body, and addressing the complex web of interconnected body-systems, the physiological function is restored and symptoms disappear.

  • That health is not defined by lack of disease or symptoms, but rather by optimal vitality.

  • That traditional therapies, diet, and exercise along with plant based medicines can be applied for the purpose of reversing and managing disease.

  • That your body has the ability to heal and regulate itself when presented with the correct tools by which to correct and repair the problem.

Together we are revolutionizing our healthcare system.

I am honored and grateful to be part of a herbal tradition of practitioners whose dedication to teaching others about the benefits of plant based medicines has been maintained for centuries.

Using Holistic and Integrative Medicine to restore your body’s ability to heal naturally allows you to reclaim your body from chronic disease, saving thousands and thousands of medical dollars potentially spent over the course of a lifetime, by keeping people out of the hospital and off years of expensive prescriptions.

You don’t need to wait until you have a disease diagnosis to use Holistic or Integrative Medicine.

So many of my patients tell me that prior to working with me, they told their doctor about symptoms they were experiencing, and had testing run, but were told that there was “nothing wrong with them”, or that they should “wait and watch” to see what happens.

There is a famous Chinese Medicine proverb that says, “If you wait until you are already thirsty to dig a well, it is too late”.  If you wait to treat, until you have a nameable disease, the disease process will have already progressed.

If the tool you have is to prescribe a drug when a disease has worsened to the point that the drug is warranted, there isn’t much you can offer the patient to help themselves avoid getting to that point.

The earlier we intervene, the more likely you are to get full recovery.

Health is not defined by a lack of symptoms; our objective is optimal vitality and inspired wellness!