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The Holistic Method

Dr. Kourtney developed The Holistic Method because she wants you to not only achieve results but also to be educated about your body and your health. With so much information (and mis-information) available online about how to manage hormones she is invested in making sure that each client truly understands the “why” behind what is going on with their hormones. It is your body after all—shouldn’t you understand why it’s out of whack? Each plan developed by Dr. Kourtney includes not only your individualized Holistic Method comprised of traditional, integrative, plant based Ayurvedic, functional and mind-body therapies but also educational modules that are specific to the hormonal imbalance you are having. The power to heal truly lies within yourself and The Holistic Method is all about coaxing it forth.

Are you ready to learn how to balance your hormones in a natural way?

Dealing with menopause issues? Then your Holistic Method will include educational modules on the hormonal pathway of menopause. Is PCOS the bane of your existence? Then your Holistic Method education modules will include classes on testosterone imbalance and estrogen dominance. Each Holistic Method program that is developed automatically includes the relevant education modules to empower each client not only to learn but to heal.

Are you ready for someone to really listen to your symptoms because you are tired of being told that how you feel is just “natural for your age” or that it’s just “stress”?

Because each patient is different when it comes to their hormonal issues Dr. Kourtney takes an individualized approach with each client. First she starts with an extensive intake questionnaire that includes a doshic evaluation. If you have already had labs completed at the time of your intake she will be able to review those also. Don’t have any labs yet? Don’t worry! Dr. Kourtney will be able to recommend what labs are best for your evaluation during your initial consultation.

Do you want to be able to balance your hormones without a medication everyday? Do you want to be able to integrate both medications and holistic therapies?

The results of your intake are then reviewed by Dr. Kourtney and your Holistic Method plan is developed on the basis of your answers. During your first call with Dr. Kourtney she will review with you the components of your specific plan as well as the educational modules that you will need to enact your method.



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